After School Program

Many students have two working parents or are a part of a single parent household and are in need of quality after school care. In the United States research shows that the time after school between 3 PM to 5 PM is when children and youth are most likely to get in trouble with drugs, sex, alcohol and the law. 

Our After School Program provides a safe, caring environment for elementary and middle school students where they can complete homework, receive tutoring and also enjoy play, crafts, and fun from a Christian perspective. This program is fee based. Financial aid, based on need, is funded through the McCurdy Foundation.

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Breakfast and Lunch

It is a simple fact that hungry children don’t learn! In addition, McCurdy Ministries takes serious Jesus’ command to, “Feed my children.” McCurdy Ministries applied to become the vendor to the charter school breakfast and lunch programs and financially helps to support this program to ensure McCurdy students aren’t attending school hungry. 

This program is critical to the well-being of our students because for the 2013-14 school 82% of MCS students qualified for free or reduced lunch. When students arrive at school they know the McCurdy Ministries Cafeteria is open, ready, and filled with the aroma and nourishment of good food at breakfast and lunch. The children are greeted by a caring staff, ready to serve the proper nutrition to fuel their productive minds.

We cost effectively provide nutrition with proper planning and support. A simple, nutritional breakfast and lunch pave the way for learning, learning instills hope, and hope inspires the pursuit of bright futures. In so doing, we honor Jesus because feeding the hungry is a Christian value. McCurdy Ministries bridges the gap between hungry children and a successful educational experience.

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