One of the most exciting things happening in the United Methodist Church today is our volunteer ministries. At McCurdy we accept long and short term volunteers throughout the year. Most of our volunteers come to McCurdy as part of a Volunteers in Mission work team. Others come as individual volunteers for a week, a month or a year. McCurdy is greatly blessed by the talents, faith and energy that our volunteers bring to our ministry and our volunteers tell us that their lives are transformed and their congregations are renewed as they seek to be the hands of Christ in mission to the EspaƱola Valley. New relationships are developed with persons from other cultures and traditional walls of division are torn away as we risk involvement in response to God's call to Christian mission. 

VIM Teams Information
For more information on bringing a Volunteer in Mission Team to McCurdy please click on the Team Leader Packet and the VIM Team Member Packet.  Included in these packets are all the applications and information necessary for you to plan a VIM Team to McCurdy. 

For more information please contact our Volunteer Manager volunteer@mccurdy.orgor 505-753-7221 ext. 268. To schedule a date contact Eufemia Romero, VIM registrar at 362A S. McCurdy Road, EspaƱola, NM 87532, call her at 505-753-7221, ext. 210 or email her at  When you arrive on campus our volunteer manager will be your host for your time on campus.

Safe Sanctuary Training Required
Please note all volunteers age 19 and older who come to McCurdy as of Oct. 1, 2012, are required to be Safe Sanctuary certified by McCurdy Ministries or an annual conference certification recognized by McCurdy Ministries. 

Our Safe Sanctuary training includes training, national, state and local criminal check and satisfactory references. At a cost of $30 for adults 19 and older, and $15 for youth 15 to 18, we provide Safe Sanctuary training through our website. 
If you are certified through your United Methodist annual conference please click on the Safe Sanctuary Standards link to learn the procedure to get your conference Safe Sanctuary certification recognized by McCurdy Ministries.  Volunteers must be re-certified every four years. This is an important requirement necessary to insure the safety of the children and youth on our campus. 

To go directly to the training please click on this Safe Sanctuary link. 
Volunteer in Mission teams usually come to McCurdy for one week.  These teams can be youth, adult or a combination of youth and adults. 
The season for VIM teams is usually March to October, but you can contact Eufemia Romero, at, if you would like to request another time frame.  Please note our peak season for teams is June to August.  We frequently turn away groups during these months so in order to hold a week for your team you must submit your application and a $250 deposit first. 

Individual Volunteer Program
Many times persons who come to McCurdy on a team then decide they want to return as individual volunteers.  We welcome this support and have many volunteers who have come for decades to volunteer in our ministries.  Individual volunteers are also required to complete McCurdy Ministries' Safe Sanctuary Certification Program before arriving on campus. You can apply to our volunteer manager, at or you can go through the General Board of Global Ministries Mission Volunteers Program. 

For more information on this program go to:

Individual Volunteer Application
Individual Volunteer Handbook
Global Ministries Individual Volunteer Program

Short term individual volunteers commit to working from two weeks to a few months. The availability of housing, the needs of McCurdy Ministries and the skills of the volunteers are considered when accepting individual volunteers for service. All volunteers work closely with the staff of McCurdy Ministries.

Long term individual volunteers commit themselves for at least one semester, and often, for a full school year. Because they have the time to get to know the students and earn their trust, these VIMs typically work as tutors or library and classroom aides. Many long-term volunteers also work in the maintenance department and McCurdy Ministries offices. We try to match volunteers with their interests and skills, but we ask volunteers to be flexible, as sometimes assignments may not exactly meet expectations. We hope you will allow God to surprise you with some new experiences! Volunteers live in the dormitory and may eat lunch in the cafeteria for a nominal fee when school is in session. To be considered a full-time volunteer, you are asked to work 35 hours per week.

Opportunities to serve
Possible volunteer tasks include office work, assisting teachers, tutoring, working in the maintenance department, or assisting the Office of Church Relations with the Campbell's Label program and/or mailings. Other duties may include assisting in the after school program or other McCurdy Ministries programs and events.


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